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Marine Biology Qualities that Help

Qualities of a Successful Marine Biologist If you’ve thought about becoming a marine biologist, you need to make sure you have certain characteristics and personality traits that would be a good fit for your role. Marine biologists need to have a genuine passion for the study of marine life and the educational background in sciences [...]

For Whom Can a Marine Biologist Work?

Where Marine Biologists Get Hired If you’re exploring a marine career and are interested in working as a marine biologist, you may have wondered what types of organizations and companies will end up hiring you. While some colleges and universities that offer marine biology degree programs offer externships and internships for marine biologists that may [...]

What a Career as a Marine Biologist is Really Like

Working as a Marine Biologist: What is it Really Like? If you have a strong interest in working with animals and studying ocean and marine sciences, you may have considered a career as a marine biologist. But what is the definition of marine biology and what is it really like to grow in this career? [...]

Duties and Responsibilities of a Marine Biologist

Marine Biologist Responsibilities and Duties If you’ve considered a career as a marine biologist, you may be wondering what types of things you would be doing on a day to day basis. You probably already have an idea of the types of research projects and experiments you would be undertaking as a marine biologist, but [...]

What Kind of Career Future Can One Expect in Marine Biology?

Marine Biology Career Future If you’ve considered the benefits of a marine biology career and are wondering whether this is the right career path for you, you might have asked yourself if there really is a future for the marine biology and oceanography industry. There are now hundreds, even thousands of research centers and institutes [...]

Frequent Misconceptions About Marine Biology

Marine Biology Misconceptions Though the field of marine biology is fun and exciting, there are many common misconceptions about the field that may leave an aspiring marine biologist disappointed. However, if you understand these misconceptions from the get-go, you will see how exciting the life of a marine biologist can really be. Below, you will [...]

The Many Facets of Marine Biology Sciences

Sub Fields of Marine Biology The field of marine biology is just about as broad as it gets. Because of this, many marine biologists take courses to specialize in particular areas or subfields. A few examples of subfields offered at various marine biology schools are: phycology, invertebrate zoology, ichthyology, herpetology, marine mammalogy, environmental studies, and [...]

What It Really is Like Working as a Marine Biologist

What is a Typical Day Like For a Marine Biologist? It’s hard to say exactly what a marine biologist does on a daily basis because there are so many different variables. For instance, what a marine biologist chooses to do in the winter may be significantly different from what they do in the summer. Not [...]

Become a Marine Biologist: 5 Reasons You Should Consider It

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Becoming a Marine Biologist Hero of the Environment The environment is heading in a rough direction. With 70% of our Earth consisting of water, the sea is sure to feel the first affects. Ocean acidification, for example, is already becoming a problem. With the decrease in pH and the [...]

How High Tech Tools Are Used by Marine Biologists

High Tech Tools Used in Marine Biology So much research is involved in the study of marine biology. First, marine biology college graduates must have some sort of question he/she wants to work out. Then, it is important that among all the things the marine biologist does, is to locate this thing in question in [...]