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Is Working as a Marine Biologist the World’s Best Job?

Why Many Believe Working as a Marine Biologist is the Best Job in the World Marine biologist are biological scientists, biological scientist is a broad title that covers all the sciences.  For example a zoologist specializes in the study of animals, microbiologist study microscopic organisms. The study of marine biology is basically a field of [...]

Choosing a Marine Biology College in Hawaii

Hawaii Schools and Colleges for Marine Biology There are basically three schools that offer marine biology degrees in Hawaii; Hawaii Pacific University (HPU), University of Hawaii, Hilo (UHH), and University of Hawaii, Manoa (UHM). All three are wonderful schools located in a state surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and its diverse marine life. Hawaii Pacific [...]

Marine Biology Programs in California

California Schools and Colleges for Marine Biology Studying marine biology in California is an amazing opportunity.  The California coastline includes a great diversity of marine organisms and their coastal and oceanic environments. There are more than 15 schools in California offering degrees in marine biology.  While most degrees in marine biology are earned at the [...]

Enrolling in a Marine Biology School in Alaska

Marine Biology Schools in Alaska It makes sense that some of the best marine biology schools are on the coast, but many people do not think of Alaska as a marine biology locale.  In actuality Alaska has one of the most diverse marine biology environments. Students at the University of Alaska Southeast can quite literally [...]

Marine Biology vs. Oceanography: How They Differ

What Is the Difference Between Oceanography and Marine Biology? Though closely connected, marine biology and oceanography are different fields of study.   Marine biology is more concentrated on the living organism while oceanography studies the ocean itself. Marine biology and related courses mainly focus on marine organisms. Marine biologists study the genetic structure of marine organisms, [...]

Marine Biology is Really Based on Different Types of Science

Marine Biology Is Made Up of Multiple Sciences Marine biology pulls from many different areas of study. It is a combination of different sciences and sub-disciplines. Meteorology, ecology, cellular and molecular biology, and zoology are all part of the special education required for a marine biologist. Meteorology Meteorology is the study of the atmosphere. Meteorologists [...]

A Close Look at 3 Marine Biology Programs

An Up-Close View of 3 Schools with Great Marine Biology Programs There are many amazing colleges and universities that have impressive marine biology facilities. However, rankings and reputation put the University of Hawaii at Manoa, the University of Miami, and Duke University in the top three spots. All three of these colleges offer exceptional undergraduate [...]

Marine Biologists Leading the Way to Save Our World by Saving Our Oceans

Marine Biology Helping Us Understand Our Oceans and World Oceans cover 70 percent of our Earth, making the ocean the world’s largest habitat. The ocean contains at least 50 percent of all species on Earth. Every day marine life is threatened by climate change and human negligence. A marine biologists’ job is to save our [...]

Marine Biology Makes a Quantum Leap

Marine Biology Is Helping Us Gain an Important Deeper Understanding of Our World Marine Biology is the most exciting scientific frontier right now for a few reasons. For one thing, it is a common trope that we know less about the ocean than we know about outer space. While other areas of scientific study have [...]